Lewis Kofi Nana Antwi, better known by his stage name Nana Kottens is Ghanaian born Singer/Songwriter/ Producer / CEO & Founder for Sound Lion Records & Nana Kottens Tunes Publishing. He founded the label with his friend John Ocran to help promote talented African artists around the world. Since establishing his record label and music publishing  business, he has represented and worked with various artists around the world and most importantly continues to promote and showcase African talent. Most recently, Nana Kottens Tunes Publishing in collaboration with its partners secured a sync licensing deal for the song “Yaye” by a Ghanaian artist for the popular American fantasy drama television series called “Charmed”.


Originally from Ghana, Kottens blends African and American culture in his sounds. You can connect with both continents when listening to his music, which takes influence from R&B, Highlife, Soul, Pop, Country, Hip Hop, folk, Hiplife, Reggae Dancehall and Afro beats. He is a versatile songwriter and takes advantage of being a polyglot to write and craft his music in multiple languages. He started writing his own original songs at a very young age, and over the years he has spent quite some time composing a lot of songs.


In 2020, in an effort to raise awareness and support for individuals and families battling addiction and mental health, he wrote and released his first official single titled “ Mama Don’t Give Up” which has so far amassed over 1 million views on YouTube and generated enormous streaming across major music streaming platforms. Nana Kottens did not want to forget his roots, he quickly released another single titled “Odo” which falls under the Highlife song genre. In an interview, he stated he wrote the song “Odo” at the age of 18 years during his first year in college. He went on to release other songs like Mama We Miss and Say No.


After subsequent single releases and remixes, Kottens surprised us with a thrilling R&B single titled “Call Girl '' featuring Lowekey. The song since its release has serenaded music lovers around the world and continues to enjoy massive airplay on major radio and tv networks around the world. The song received 3(three) nominations at the 2022 Ghana Music Awards-USA for best U.S Based Male Vocalist of the Year, U.S Based Best International Collaboration of the Year and Best U.S Based Hiplife/HipHop Song of the Year.


In addition to his talented music and business acumen, Nana Kottens is a respected public health professional and a Commissioned Officer in the United States Uniformed Services. Nana Kottens pursued Marine Engineering at the Regional Maritime University for 3 years and obtained his first degree in Business Management from Liberty University.  He furthered his education obtaining MPH Environmental Health Science & Graduate Certificate in Industrial Hygiene from New York Medical College and M.A in Executive Leadership from Liberty University. He is a registered environmental professional. In 2022, Nana Kottens was officially Inducted into the U.S Delta Omega National Honorary Society for Public Health.


Nana Kottens is scheduled to release another single titled “ One More Chance” on October 28, 2022 and his first album “Never Scared of Trying” on June 30, 2023. He is currently working on his second album titled " Proud African", an album he intends to use to showcase the rich African culture and dance.





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